Caldaia a pellet/legna SERENA 34-52Kw VL

3.790,00 [+22%VAT ]

€5.250,00 [+22%VAT ]

Biomass boilers model SERENA can burn piece of wood (manual loading) and pellet types (wood, corn, grape, sunflower, etc. ..), almond shells, peanut oil, etc. .. The boiler allows, once the wood to continue heating with pellets contained in large stock.The boiler's body type is Marina to 3 passes with horizontal tube and cast iron burner with type eruptive base refractory. The yield certificate EN 303-5 allows optimum levels of the production yield termic.For health care there is a possibility (in alternative to an external tank) to have the heat exchanger interno. Sistem of load a double auger suitable for all types of fuels.

CALDERA 34kw wood and pellet boiler

3.690,00 [+22%VAT ]

€6.000,00 [+22%VAT ]


Boiler wood / pellet designed to be installed in service rooms. It can work: with traditional wood, pellet and washed and crushed olive stones.

The boiler has a flue with high thermal exchange and easy access for cleaning and maintenance, has a large combustion chamber that allows the introduction of large
amount of legna.La boiler has the possibility of working in a combined wood / pellet automatically.
The source is a pellet burner with cast iron intake fan that provides extensive periods of operation without maintenance.
It is equipped with a pellet tank capacity of 100 kg with the optional ability to automatically load of pellets from Big bags (1000 kg) or auxiliary tank, provided by Laminox of about 300 kg.
Can be equipped with remote console (optional) for controlling the operation and for regulating the temperature.

CS 34-46kw pellet and wood boiler

4.390,00 [+22%VAT ]

€6.500,00 [+22%VAT ]

CS 34-46kw multi-fuel boiler model suitable to burn pellets, pits, wood burning logs. The boiler can operate Pellet / hackneyed, pellet and wood burning, wood burning logs. It can pass a pellet after the end of the wood.

The ignition is automatic, the electronic management system allows the flame modulation and self-maintenance. Available power up to 700kw.


5.412,00 [+22%VAT ]

€8.200,00 [+22%VAT ]

FEATURES: Body double boiler combustion chamber and tube only; Doors for inspection and cleaning; copper coil for heat dissipation controlled by a thermostatic valve, Electronic control panel for managing the operation mode, voltage power: 230 V.
Solution pellets: Cast iron burner with mechanical furnace; auger to transport the fuel variable speed hopper for loading the pellets; system for primary and secondary combustion air; Rotary valve for backstop smoke in the hopper.
Solution firewood: Combustion reverse flame; fan input of combustion air in the combustion chamber dedicated to the wood; Suction fan forced, during operation, and safety, in loading wood.

Power 45kw complete electronic management.

Pellet-mais-wood boiler ALP28pml

4.626,45 [+22%VAT ]

€6.705,00 [+22%VAT ]

ALP is a multi-purpose boiler, unique in the industry, in fact, allows you to use a variety of fuels such as wood, pellets, corn kernels, peanut dedusted, combined use pellet / wood. The pellet is about 130lt tank. The boiler can be operated pellet or wood. The ignition is standard manual or automatic ignition can be requested.

STROMBOLI 32kw wood and pellet

3.600,00 [+22%VAT ]

€5.300,00 [+22%VAT ]

The boiler can work with traditional wood, with all kinds of pellet and crushed olive stones. It is built in very thick steel, the boiler has a triple round of fumes which allows a considerable heat exchange with the same flue gases which come out at a temperature not exceeding 180 ° C.
The blown burner allows us to better burn any type of pellet and
wood allowing great performance by up to 90% with a thermal power
32 kw. Safety is guaranteed by the rotary valve that isolates areas
completely from the filing of the pellet burner. Upon request
additional pellet tank with capacity 40kg.