With our wood pellet fireplaces, you can warm up and furnish your home. The wood gives you a considerable savings compared to traditional gas or diesel fuel, while the pellets guarantees you the comfort and freedom when you can not follow the fireplace. Our combined wood pellet fireplaces are available in both hydro that ventilated. You can then connect to your heating system or create special ducts where to pass the hot air produced by your fireplace stove wood pellets. Thanks to the tax advantages now available on your fireplace and wood pellets will cost you half of it, being able to recover up to 65% of the cost. Our models include fireplaces wood pellet with straight glass front, effect 16/9, panoramic glass exgonale, or at an angle. We then compact version for those who have space problems. The power range of fireplaces and wood pellet starts from 20kw to reach more than 30kw. There are of course also wood-burning fireplaces at very competitive prices.

• You can heat your home in the greatest economy, with savings of up to '70% compared
traditional fuels such as gas or diesel;
• Maximum ease of use thanks to a combination wood and pellet;
• fireplaces wood pellet version is that hydro air;
• With appropriate accessories can also cook in your fireplace and wood pellets;
• Ability to take advantage of tax breaks that allow you to recover up to 65% of the amount spent;
• Wide range of models suitable for all furnishing needs;
• Prices of absolute convenience of our wood pellet fireplaces.


4.250,00 [+22%VAT ]

€5.740,00[+22%VAT ]

Il 16/9  è un termocamino a legna e pellet in grado di unire design e tecnologia. La particolare struttura moderna permette di essere collocato in ambienti moderni, usufruendo allo stesso tempo dell’alta tecnologia che rende possibile la sostituzione completa o in parte delle normali caldaie a gas o metano.

Passaggio in automatico da legna a pellet, possibilità di impostare la temperatura desiderata.


4.200,00 [+22%VAT ]

€5.873,00[+22%VAT ]

Termocamino-caldaia 28 kw con sistema policombustibile in grado di sostiutire completamente la caldaia e in grado di produrre acqua calda. Sportello a scomparsa totale in vetro ceramico.

Il largo focolare permette il suo utilizzo anche per cottura cibi. 

Oltre al modello frontale qui riportato, disponiamo dei modelli angolari (DX e SX) e con vetro esagonale. 

Possibilità di installazione sia a vaso aperto che a vaso chiuso.

Optional : componetistica idraulica pre-installata a bordo macchina compresa produzione acs

Wood and pellet fireplaces

3.900,42 [+22%VAT ]

€5.550,00[+22%VAT ]

Fireplace stove wood and pellet model STRF 34kw Combi version combined wood and pellet / nocciolino.La machine is complete with electronic management, plant control, internal exchanger for domestic hot water production.