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Riscaldarecasa is now Froling dealer. We will be happy to provide estimates on the exceptional austrian machines, always been synonymous with quality, efficiency and performance. The extensive range includes models wood-burning turbo Froling S3, S4 Turbo Froling. The models Froling P4 Pellet Pellet, Froling dual SP. The models woodchip Froling T4, Fröling Turbomatic, Froling TX 150 and Froling Lambdamat. Contact for prices!

Froling SP Dual


The perfect combination of two systems: wood (½ m) and pellet
The wood boiler and pellet SP Dual combines two systems perfect: with two separate combustion chambers, meets all the esigenzedi combustion. The Dual SP is characterized by high performance, great comfort, low emissions and reduced energy costs. The ignition of wood can be done automatically at any time through the pellet burner. When the wood is finished, the boiler automatically keeps unzionare pellet. The large pellet hopper is filled manually or automatically with the established transport systems Froling.
Unit Pellet expandable at any time
For those who want only the wood combustion, Froling provides the flexible solution for the future: the S4 Turbo Flange pellet can be expanded at any time with the unit pellet.