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The wood-burning fireplaces that we propose, are suitable to heat your home being connected to your thermo plant. The power range varies from small to larger models up 20kw over 30kw. The wood-burning fireplaces allow to heat, furnish and also cook. The wood-burning fireplace can now be installed with connections closed vessel, allowing large savings in installation costs.

Our range includes modern fireplaces fireplaces, chimneys rusitici. The brands we are treated clam fireplaces, fireplace CPC, fireplace halls, fireplace mcz, edilkamin fireplaces, fireplace stoves age fireplaces, fireplace stoves montegrappa.


Unique in its kind, this model allows the positioning of the fireplace stove in the separating wall of two rooms or in the middle of a room with vision of fire on both sides. The uniqueness of the product on the market is based on the fact that, despite the loss of heat from radiation from the wall rear, the thermal efficiency remains unchanged, thanks to the exclusive heat recovery from the fumes (in the exchanger). Of the two facades, one is the main with retractable vertical door, for loading the wood, the entry of primary air, the emptying of the ash drawer and the exchanger cleaning, while the opposite, equipped with a door that opens laterally, it is useful for loading wood when the fire is off and lets you enjoy the hearth on both sides. Possibility also to cook healthy and tasty foods of the past by taking advantage of the comfortable cooking on the rotisserie or in bed of ashes in the collection drawer Available power KW: 23.2 - 32.5 - 46.5 Price on request according to the requested power