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4.388,00 [+22%VAT ]

€7.400,00[+22%VAT ]

Cooking stove and wood pellet PALERMO 32 kW

The pellet boiler stove and firewood can work with traditional wood, with all kinds of pellets and crushed olive stones. It is built in very thick steel, the boiler has a triple round of fumes which allows a considerable heat exchange with ii same flue gases escaping at a temperature not exceeding 180 ° C.Il blown burner allows us to better burn any type of pellets and wood allowing great performance up to 90% with a thermal capacity of 30 kw. Safety is guaranteed by the rotary valve to areas that completely isolates the burner from the storage of pellets.

Lampedusa 32kw pellet and wood


4.388,00 [+22%VAT ]

€7.400,00[+22%VAT ]

Lampedusa and wood pellet boiler stove 32kW, suitable for heating radiators and cooking with the oven and the hob. Available colors red and beige.

                             Pellets - WOOD

Global power 31.5 kW 22.0 kW
Water 26.0 kW 18.7 kW

Smoke outlet: 160mm

Furnace sizes 600x400x400

Yield 84.2% 85.5%

Dimensions 1050x650x900

Pellet Capacity 35kg

Water connections 1 "3/4

Weight 230 K