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Wood burning hearth with retractable glass ups and downs ventilated version: - cast iron hearth - upper flue outlet Ø 20 cm, female - front display (version V) - retractable plane hatch - hot air ductable in 4 adjacent rooms (optional kit) - silk-screened ceramic glass - post-combustion Power 15.3 kw Optional: ventilation kit for ducting in other rooms 4 STAR CERTIFICATION (DM186)

Pellet fireplace 13 - 15 kw

The fireplace insert has a particular internal structure compared to those of traditional stoves. 
Complying with the cubic form dedicated to the collection, the fumes are pushed along an oblique section above the combustion chamber. 
In this oblique section is placed the tube bundle to maximize the exchange and therefore optimize the heating of the air to be directed towards the environment. 
Very powerful, ideal also for the recovery of old hearths and / or open fireplaces. 
13 kw or 15 kw
Version equipped with 2 outlets for ducting hot air into several rooms as well as the front exit.
 FULL GLASS panoramic glass LCD or digital display 
Possibility of slide for the lateral loading of the pellet without extracting the chimney (optional) 
Remote controller



16: 9 is the forefather of a new generation of fireplaces that combines maximum energy efficiency with respect for nature and the environment. Unique thermo fireplace with panoramic glass 16: 9. Extremely minimal, adaptable to any type of furniture, from rustic to to the classic, to the modern. The primary, secondary and tertiary air is completely preheated passing first under the basement and then through a cavity placed on the bottom of the combustion chamber. This air at very high temperature can combine with carbon monoxide, not totally burned in the first phase of combustion, generating a combustion secondary and tertiary that reduces polluting emissions to a minimum, so much so reach the 4 stars as Environmental Class and be certified for the Thermal Account with the maximum reward factor of the certifying body IMQ PrimateControl. Power 23.4 kw



Very compact, Tharros is designed to meet the needs of those who don't they want or cannot modify an existing fireplace. The minimal design makes this heating system suitable for any context, from historic building, in the rural building, with modern furnishings; wherever you want to transform the old fireplace in an autonomous and interfaceable heat generator with any heating system for the production of heat and water hot; with the possibility of cooking even healthy and tasty spit-roasted foods. Extremely versatile and easy to install. No special demolition work is required of the existing fireplace. It is a fireplace with excellent performance, with primary comburent air management inlet and secondary combustion air. On request the possibility to accessorize it with the Thermocombi (for combustion in addition to wood, including pellet and policobustible) which can be assembled as desired right, left or rear, even at a distance different from the standard one (maximum 2 m); o it is possible to request the arrangement only of the base for insertion next of the Thermocombi. On request also the possibility to assemble it with the Plus System Kit, optionally a right or left, also together with the Thermocombi Kit on the opposite side or on the same side (Kit plus system and following Kit Thermocombi).


Unique in its kind, this model allows the positioning of the fireplace stove in the separating wall of two rooms or in the middle of a room with vision of fire on both sides. The uniqueness of the product on the market is based on the fact that, despite the loss of heat from radiation from the wall rear, the thermal efficiency remains unchanged, thanks to the exclusive heat recovery from the fumes (in the exchanger). Of the two facades, one is the main with retractable vertical door, for loading the wood, the entry of primary air, the emptying of the ash drawer and the exchanger cleaning, while the opposite, equipped with a door that opens laterally, it is useful for loading wood when the fire is off and lets you enjoy the hearth on both sides. Possibility also to cook healthy and tasty foods of the past by taking advantage of the comfortable cooking on the rotisserie or in bed of ashes in the collection drawer Available power KW: 23.2 - 32.5 - 46.5 Price on request according to the requested power



Three-sided pellet fireplace. Enjoy the beauty of the flame from different angles. A high design pellet fireplace.



Right angle pellet fireplace. Generous glass size, big flame thanks to the double burner visible from different angles. A high design pellet fireplace.



Front pellet fireplace with a 51 cm square door for a minimalist design and with a power of 11 kW. Pellet fireplace with an enveloping flame thanks to the double burner.